Writing Log #6: 6-word memoir

Bethany Herold

Professor Egger

ENGL 2060 E01

07 November 2015

Writing Log #6: 6-word memoir

      1. “Under my thumb,” she whispered softly.

      2. Nightfall; creeping, waiting. A gunshot. Crickets.

      3. Don’t flinch from the unexpected opportunities.

      4. Final breath in. Final breath out.

      5. I still see those red carpets.

      6. The ocean air brings new clarity.

      7. Muscles ripple below. Horseback is freedom.

      8. Stop. Go. Follow the rules. End.

      9. Melted, oiled, crispy, aromatic, savory. Pizza.

      10. I can’t help but think why.

This form of creative nonfiction teaches the writer to present thoughts in a very concise manner. It appears easy at first, but it requires quite a bit of brainstorming and deep thinking. I believe it could be used as a great prompt for a longer piece, or even as a daily writing warm up. It’s a form of writing that nearly anyone can pick up, and definitely something that anyone can read and relate to. It also reveals a little something about the writer, as if they are sharing a secret. Finally, it encourages restraint by showing the writer that longer and more elaborate pieces of writing are not always needed to move the reader or get a point across.

On the flip side, this genre could get stale if it was all one was writing and reading. People need more answers sometimes, and many like detail and development. Not to mention the concept of a character is almost lost in the 6-word memoir. It allows little room for personal flare, simply because there’s not enough space for the writer’s personality to come out on the pages. The endless interpretations could be frustrating to say the least, and overwhelming at the worst. Finally, it’s just not as appreciated as other forms of writing, perhaps because the time and effort requirements are remedial.


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