Writing Log #4: Re-purposing Text

Bethany Herold

Professor Egger

ENGL 2060 E01

11 October 2015

Writing Log #4: Re-purposing Text

@jgarcia i promise to chill and care bout smll stuff #bigpicture

@bherold today u r my wifey, but also bff and guide #threeinone

@jgarcia ill stop trying to get ahead b/c u r da prize #mcm

@bherold cant forget everything u have done 4 mwuah #somuchgoodness

@jgarcia movies r the best with u #moviejunkies

@bherold so thankful god brought us here #meanttobe

@jgarcia lol ur accents tho, so many it makes me crack up #whatnationalityareyou

@bherold ur feelings come nmbr 1 & ill be kind #loveyoubae

@jgarcia lets cosplay together forever #nerdsforlife

@bherold protecting u from danger always & never eating gmos again lol #organic

@jgarcia im here for good times and bad #notafairweatherfriend

@bherold ill rub ur feet and massage ur back when ur feeling sick #getwellsoon

@jgarcia thnks for being patient w/me #wonttakeyouforgranted

@bherold dont be too ocd and I can help you b chill #dontworryaboutathing

@jgarcia i respect u for real! #madrespect

@bherold gonna b patient forever & be inspiring for ya 😉 #keepingyoureal

@jgarcia kk lol ill stop planning so much and be free #letsridebytheseatofourpants

@bherold well ill protect u & listen to ur thoughts #alwayshere

@jgarcia thnks for being the impulsive 1 and keeping it real # adventuretime

@bherold always here to help my lady #lovehertodeath

@jgarcia lets be kids forever & go on adventures #foreveryoung

@bherold im never gonna leave ur side no matter wat #stucklikeglue

@jgarcia u come first no matter wat #iloveyouevenmorethanstarwars

@bherold im free & my heart chooses u #onlyoneforme

@jgarcia other ppl will flake out but ive always got ur back #inyourcorner

@bherold u always make me smile and bring light to my life #myangel

@jgarcia faith hope & love are what I have 4 u and us sp dont wrry about a thing #truelove

@bherold we are better together #thanksjackjohnson

@jgarcia love conquers all things #ivegotyoubabe

@bherold keeping this promise forever #evendeathcannotstoptruelove

Since my husband and I got married only three weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to re-purpose our wedding vows for this assignment. I chose twitter as the genre because it seemed so inappropriate for my selected text. The first thing I altered was the placement of the vows because twitter is often a conversation. The vow format was originally sequential-my husband’s first and then mine-so I integrated our phrases to make it flow more like a dialogue. Next, I focused on making the tone significantly more casual by making the verbiage simple and adding abbreviations. I made punctuation nearly absent, and removed capitalization as well. The length of each response was shortened to fit a standard tweet. Aside from these changes, a genre attribute I really focused on mimicking was ending every phrase with a hashtag thought. I was also sure to begin each new response with an @ symbol to address who was speaking. Overall, the main attributes of this genre are brevity, poor grammar/punctuation, and hashtag prompts.


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