Sunset Beach (Poem assignment for Creative writing class)

Bethany Herold

22 July 2015

ENG 221 1N1

128 Word Count

Sunset Beach

The water is pulled gently away from the shoreline.

Sea-foam left behind mirrors the remnants of a bubble bath.

The kelp is now alone, its emerald green strands

tangled up like a spinach salad.

A cry echoes from above, and a seagull dives down and glides

just above the waves. Her feathers ruffle in the salty wind

as she disappears where the sky meets the sea.

The sun is just above the horizon, and for a

moment, everything becomes one.

The sky is yellow, then orange, then red, pink, and purple.

Darkness sets in,

creating perfect silhouettes of the pine trees atop the rocky cliff ledge.

But the moon shines on brightly still,

its luminescent being a lighthouse for all creatures,

creating a path from land to eternity.


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